About the Project

HUMANITY will be tackling the issue starting with those responsible for the education of youth, focusing then on providing tools and support educators, youth workers, and support staff need to foster EIP among young people. Furthermore, trainees will be able through systems thinking to make connections among different everyday life’s situations, to grasp universal social rules and dynamics that lie at the foundation of their evolution and to have some general understanding of how social relationships evolve. The combination of these two different disciplines (Emotional Intelligence and Systems Thinking), that have many points in common to be discovered and on which to leverage, is one of the most important innovative aspects of the project. Also, the partners are addressing EI with an innovative approach because:

1) They intend to provide training for educators, youth workers, and educators to foster EIP both as adults facing challenges and as educators. They are taking a 360 degrees’ approach where paths can meet.

2) They intend to foster EIP among youth (aged 15-24) to increase their emotional development. To do so, partners intend to train and support the educators and youth workers who are in direct contact with them every day.

3) They aim to promote a community-based approach by involving both educators and learners throughout the educational program.

4) They are also going to produce materials sensitive to diversity (cultural, socio-economic, and in the intraindividual functioning): with a focus on at-risk youth, low socio-economic level of their background, or disadvantaged background.

5) Emerging issues related to Agenda 2030 will be also integrated into dimensions addressed and in the practical activities developed